Language is Power. Language connects. Language elevates.


In a world that is ever more connected, languages get more and more important – not only in business but also generally in life. Yet sometimes languages can be a barrier. Hyperglot Solutions provides professional solutions to overcome any language barrier!


Boost your Life. Boost your Business. Boost anything you like with Languages.

How to become a powerful speaker and a brilliant presenter? Learn how to make the best use of language power applying well-tried techniques and experience immediate results!


Connect to the World. Connect to People. Connect to Anyone you like through Languages.

Always wanted to learn a new language but just didn’t know where to start? Do you want to feel more comfortable on a business trip? Stop feeling like a foreigner on trips and experience the connective power of languages!


Increase the Quality of your Life. Increase your Income. Increase anything You like with Languages.

Learn how to benefit from languages as a salesman and how to improve your marketing strategy. Become more fluent and more influential in any language. Experience the power of languages!



Benefit from our professional and unique Solutions in a large number of languages …

Rhetoric Seminars

How can you become a powerful speaker? Our public speaking course will unleash your power and reveal to you the secrets of powerful leadership!

Conflict Management

Lose-lose, lose-win or win-win? Learn in our seminar how to make a win-win situation out of every conflict!

VIP Guest Service

Use our power and let us make your stay in Germany memorable. We will take care of all your needs. Your wish is our command!

Language Coaching

Master any language in just 10 days with our intense and interactive language classes. Acquire real language power!

Sales Coaching

In our sales seminar you learn the best sales arguments and how to use them immediately. Benefit from language power to increase sales!

Marketing Consultation

How can you boost your marketing? Benefit from our power and take your marketing to the next level!


Amazing! This public speaking course is unique! The benefits are immediately noticeable! I feel more confident on stage now and I know also how to develop outstanding speeches on my own.

Dr. Farzana Chowdhury

Managing Director, Nachhilfeschule Lernen mit Freude

We are very pleased with the tailor made turbo language course offered by Patrick and his company. The methods he used were simple yet very practical and effective.

Kumar Subramaniam

Managing Director, GSB Group GmbH

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