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Rhetoric Seminars

„Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I will be talking to you on the following theme today…“ – after hearing this opening words of a talk most of us already start planning our next holidays. But a lot of people still use that kind of introduction for their talks. During the first minutes, nowadays even seconds, our brain decides if a talk is worth listening to. And because we are not able to just fast forward a talk like a video, the speaker does not get a second chance. That’s why it’s so important to attract the attention of your audience from your first until the last sentence of your speech.

But how to achieve that goal? The interactive public speaking course offered by Hyperglot Solutions will unleash your power and make you a memorable and confident speaker! Learn how to think and speak in pictures, how to prepare a moving presentation, how to use facial expressions and gestures to create a unique speech and how to move your audience to action using powerful words.

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Conflict Management

Conflicts are natural. But they aren’t an obstacle. They can be an Energy Source! Let us show you how to use conflicts to enhance your business and your soft skills. After our Conflict Management Seminar you will be able to use conflicts as a shortcut to success!

VIP Guest Service

Are you planning to visit Germany? Or you are awaiting guests and would like them to feel at home – or even better? Let us take care of your stay or your guests! Hyperglot Solutions offers only the best – from the greeting at the Airport to the sendoff. We make every stay in Germany an unforgettable and extraordinary stay. Our VIP Guest Service will leave no wish unanswered! Of course we can also accompany you in contract negotiations and company visitations.

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Language Coaching

Nowadays languages have become more important than ever before! Every additional language you speak increases your value on the global market. Languages connect and open a lot of doors to international business. The best about it: learning a new language can be really fun and does not have to take long – to watch children speak several languages simultanously is a great testimony to that! With our interactive Turbo Language Course you will be able to use a new language in just 10 days! Curious?

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Sales Coaching

We all sell on a daily basis – sometimes it’s a product or a service. But almost daily it’s our opinion. Even the best sales strategies don’t make a good salesperson. During our Sales Coaching you will discover the secrets of how to become a charming and successful salesman today with all its benefits!

Marketing Consultation

Do you want to give your website a facelift and make it more significant? You want more attention, more clarity, more power? We’ll help you boost your marketing!

Small mistakes in spelling and design are not just annoying – they make your company look unprofessional. Hyperglot Solution’s professional proofreading increases your significance and competence by not only correcting mistakes but also strengthening and enhancing the very message you want to convey.

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