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“How many languages do you speak?” – that’s a question I have been asked more often than the question about my Name. Still I do not consider my language skills as my own accomplishment. They are rather caused by my moving life as a refugee.

I am Patrick Majidi, also known as “Mr. Polyglot”, born near the awe-inspiring Hindu Kush mountains in the 90s with no birth certificate. My childhood was shaped by war, uncertainty and fear. Early in life I started learning from the shady side of life and from my mistakes instead of wasting time searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. Only now I understand that it’s exactly that ability that makes people really successful.

If you don’t consider languages nearly as a sequence of letters but as a unique symphony, then you have discovered the Power of Languages! Just like a beautiful melody moves the heart the mother tongue can touch our feelings if someone speaks it with the right tone. That was one of all the important lessons I learned while fleeing through all the different countries. Connecting with local children I learned new melodies – over and over again.

Power can be used for good or bad. The same is true for Language Power. Language can open doors and hearts, tear down great walls and build up valuable relationships. With every new language I acquired, I found those things confirmed. Every new language helped me to understand people and their thinking patterns even better. It helped me to find new ways of solving old problems.

During my apprenticeship and following work as an insurance agent in Germany I was able to collect a lot of experience on how to deal with people of different backgrounds. All those years in sales taught me one important lesson: the mother tongue is very often the best sales pitch. Using my language skills I crossed industry lines. I started working in the administration of the blast furnace and foundry area. There I could learn a lot on marketing. I realized the importance of using powerful words in online and printed publications.

My Love for Languages is what saved me – that’s something I want to share by founding Hyperglot Solutions. I am looking forward to meeting you!


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